“Pluto the Elder”

Above his seven former friends,
he knows what life used to be like.

He saw crystals tell the story of history,
when the others were just being born,
how justice and fairness
caused the big bang of progress.

But then a new definition came:
progress is following a circular orbit.
Yet in his day,
it was cool to be ecliptic.
That’s why he looks so awkward to others.
Not only does he look at life from
a different angle,
but it takes him 248 years
just to complete a task.

And so,
he’s banished from the club.
The old must be buried,
the new must rise.

Abandoned and lonely,
he slowly walks;
no one cares to see him.
He’s just an angry, dying,
old man, the offspring
of the underworld.

Only Neptune knows who he really is.

His only visitor,
Neptune says that there is
a wise, terribly bright star
who leaves footsteps of wisdom so celestial
that even comets follow him in a divine belt.

What feels like the rantings
of a cold heart,
to the foolish and unlearned,
is actually an ice to heal cuts
and burns.
For he knows what it means
to live in light
and darkness.


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