“A Day with Drugs”

Because your past days were gloomy

you swallow happy pills in the morning.

Now you chirp like a morning bird freshly hatched.


What will you have for every meal but

lime-green soda pumped with chemicals

as obscure as the taste and bread preserved

inside a lab’s private refridgerator?


When you slave over metal and wood works

and your back smarts you far too often,

simply pop some red capsules to ease the pain,

but not quite enough, so that,

in your doubts, you prescribe yourself more bottles

in public and in private.


You’re famous in the streets cause of your sporting skills,

yet they don’t know you’ve swallowed tiny muscles

with water in the locker room

enhancing your fame and your brain.

They’re natural talent stands no chance.


When the day closes and the stress of life has just begun,

how will you shut your eyes in peace?

Just take this here capsule my man!

And your eyes will shut for good.

It’s a druggie’s way in a druggie’s world!



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